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Suspension Magnets

Suspension Magnets

Introducing the NISUKA Stainless Steel 304 Magnet, featuring a Y-40 magnet grade in a versatile square shape. Perfect for conveyor systems and various industrial applications, this magnet has a durable, color-coated surface finish. With a magnetic field strength of 4000 to 5000 Gauss and a lifting capacity of up to 1000 kg, it includes four robust hooks for easy handling. Manufactured in India, it’s available for orders starting from just one unit. Choose NISUKA for reliable and high-performance magnetic solutions.

Key Features:

Material: High-quality Stainless Steel 304
Magnet Grade: Y-40 for optimal performance
Shape: Square for versatile use
Surface Finish: Durable color-coated
Magnetic Field Strength: 4000-5000 Gauss
Lifting Capacity: 1000 kg
Hooks: Equipped with four sturdy hooks
Manufactured In: India

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